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Meanwhile, Cole gets a proposition from two ethereal beings who are neither good nor evil.

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Season 5, Episode 14February 9, 2003The sisters try to save a sandman (a magical being who helps people dream) from a demon who wants to create havoc among the populace by preventing humans from dreaming and subconsciously working out their frustrations.

Season 5, Episode 1September 22, 2002In Part 1 of a two-part episode, Phoebe is approached by a despondent mermaid who struck a deal with a sea hag that requires the mermaid to find true love or forfeit her immortality. Elsewhere, Piper casts a spell designed to ease her panic attacks.

Meanwhile, Piper's pregnancy interferes with her demon-fighting abilities as she suffers from ill-timed panic attacks.

The situation becomes even more tense when their father visits with news that he has remarried.

Season 5, Episode 15February 16, 2003As the birth of Piper's baby draws near, her sisters help prepare for the blessed event only to discover that their magical powers have suddenly vanished. Meanwhile, Phoebe is attracted to her newspaper's new rich publisher. Singer Pat Benatar and her husband, Neil Giraldo, appear. Since each had different powers, they worked in tandem to fight evil and protect the innocent.

They are also perceived to involve a lesser degree of betrayal, as they involve more imaginary elements and the degree of neglecting the partner's interests may be lesser.… continue reading »

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