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The Christians, whose civilization now rules the world, were even more cruel and cynical about the nature of being when they allowed their male God just the one odd fling with an unfaithful woman called Mary, who was cheating on her poor, humble, innocent, carpenter husband called Joseph.This Christian male God is called Yahweh and He was one of the sons of El (or El Elyon), the Canaanites' Deity.The Jewish scholars doctored the Hebrew translation to Greek text, to promote Yahweh, the deity allocated to Israel by Yahweh's Father, El Elyon, and sold Yahweh as the Supreme God of the universe, to enable them claim that they were the chosen people. After weighing the heart of the matter against the feather of Maat (the symbol of truth), Set's government was ruled to be based on deception and might, and that Set did not himself obey the laws he imposed on others.So, the Jewish god became Theou in Greek, and anywhere the Jewish deity, Yahweh occurred, it was translated as 'God' instead of god which they used for the deities of other nations. I will not blaspheme Ntr (Goddess - the one Most High). Ausar and Heru, on the other hand, were judged to be righteous and to have lived by the laws they made.In other words, that humans have been worshipping evil to pile pains upon pains on their heads.The revelation also means that all religions are wrong and are ego-centric fads, designed to mislead and exploit the majority of people, to enrich a few who accumulate fortunes in private jets, banks and priced lavish estates around the world, and award themselves the titles of Rabi, Sheiks, Bishops and Popes, to equate themselves with their male God as His earthly representatives.By NAIWU OSAHON“The revelation that God is a woman came strongly on Monday 25 July, 2010, through spiritual experience.

From this day on-ward, anyone praying anywhere in the world should pray to the only and true God, the Mother-God of the Universe.

Most of the Old Testament is allegorical, written in historical form and accepted by orthodox Christianity as the gospel truth. In the USA, both arms of the scale appear to be unfairly weighted, which seems to demonstrate the despicable level of pervasive justice since Western civilization picked steam from its African source.

The Hebrews had a sense of self-loss and alienation at the time in history and needed a vengeful god to help fight their wars for them. It was not God El Elyon who chose the Jews as His own people, it was god Yahweh. Jurisprudence was a strong basis of law in the African deity, claiming that a “harbourer should not get away from the penalty of the thief.” Today, six thousand years after Africans set the tone; jurisprudence is taught as if it is a European invention.

As a result, everywhere Yahweh is mentioned in the Bible became God said, God did, God told Moses, (Exodus ). Set was sentenced to serve as the wind that propelled the boat of Ausar.

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The correct translation is that Yahweh, a deity or idol of the Jews, (like the Sango of the Africans), told Moses. In the spiritual (inner religious circles), this historical verdict is known as the Kerh Utchau Metut (Night of Weighing Words).The Gods were obviously having their final battles over my writings, which they had indulged in since I began intensive work on my magnum opus: The end of knowledge, some thirteen years earlier.