Ethiopian dating societies

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The northern savanna, sometimes called the Sudan, stretches across the continent, just south of the Sahara.Other patches of savanna are interspersed among the mountains of East Africa, and another belt of grassland runs east and west across the southern continent, north of the Kalahari Desert.In all three areas, flourishing agriculture supported expanding populations, large cities, highly skilled crafts, expanding trade, complex social orders, and developing states.The basic culture of sub-Sahara Africa evolved mainly from its own traditions, while imported Eurasian culture, such as Islam, was relatively superficial.When such contacts became more frequent in the Christian era, local African traditions were deeply rooted and resistant to change.

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Although most Americans have traditionally thought of sub-Sahara Africa as an immense jungle, more than half of the area comprises grassy plains, known as savanna.

The Mayas are especially famous for their mathematics, their solar calendar, and their writing system, still largely undeciphered.

The Aztecs and Incas conquered large populations and governed large states.

Between the northern and southern savannas, in the region of the equator, is jungle.

Heavy rainfall here permitted the cultivation of some nutritious crops, but soils were not very fertile, and the rain forests produced many dangers, including sleeping sickness, to which both humans and animals are susceptible.

The Bantu migrations were closely related to agriculture and iron-working in a continuous reciprocal process.