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si, si me preocupo de que este bien, aunque sea un hombre, es mi hermano menor, al que siempre voy amar.

It takes a bit before he realises that the flowers aren't randomly chosen.Jasper was afraid to admit he was in love with his best friend, and then it was too late. *WINNER* Best Romance, Best Pairing & Judge's pick.When Edward was raped by the man who was supposed to love him, the fallout destroyed both their lives. Dreams can be rebuilt even after they've been ripped apart. Es una maldición que vuelve muda a la víctima, hasta que él/ella cumpla el propósito de la maldición y bese a la persona que desee. Draco'When the butterfly escapes the killing jar...' Sometimes standing up for someone, no matter what it might cost you, can free you both. Emmett/Edward On his eighteenth birthday Harry Potter comes into his creature inheritance with no prior knowledge or warning about what is happening to him.Watch how a spell Harry let the Goblins do in his former life gives him the chance to find love and a family including a brother. M/M and F/F and F/M pairings as in gay, lesbian, and straight DM/HP and HG/LLWritten for Pimp my Bunnies contest. The white gulls had not stopped calling to Legolas since that fateful day, and the sea-longing in his blood continues to grow ever stronger.

Sadly, his family is on the wrong side of this war. Harry's finally got a summer without the Durselys, only problem is he's staying with Snape. Edward figured that love never existed, only in fairy tales. Can both of them prove that they were meant for each other? Slash: Edward is an unabashed pleasure-seeker, one of the club kings of the Seattle gay community. Il n'avait pas l'intention de déclarer ses sentiments. Jasper Whitlock spent his high school years being tormented by Edward Cullen. But King Thranduil is determined to keep his son in Greenwood for as long as possible.Fast forward a few days and Harry goes unconscious and stays that way for six weeks. Gracias A fast paced adventure, where a betrayed Harry and Hermione stumble across an old fortress. But now he's returning to La Push to accompany his mother. Originally titled 'Pack B****'Harry has been training hard to fulfill his dreams of becoming an Auror after the Final Battle, but when the last test reveals a secret kept from him his entire life, Harry must find out a way to reveal the truth.

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