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The inhabitants of the British Isles have been drinking ale since the Bronze Age, but it was with the arrival of the Roman Empire on its shores in the 1st Century, and the construction of the Roman road networks that the first inns, called tabernae, in which travellers could obtain refreshment began to appear.

After the departure of Roman authority in the 5th Century and the fall of the Romano-British kingdoms, the Anglo-Saxons established alehouses that grew out of domestic dwellings, the Anglo-Saxon alewife would put a green bush up on a pole to let people know her brew was ready.

Inns tend to be older and grander establishments: historically they provided not only food and lodging, but also stabling and fodder for the traveller's horse(s) and on some roads fresh horses for the mail coach.

Famous London inns include The George, Southwark and The Tabard.

The practice of adding hops to produce beer was introduced from the Netherlands in the early 15th century.

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Traditional English ale was made solely from fermented malt.The Gin Act 1736 imposed high taxes on retailers and led to riots in the streets.