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But, I have a new ICQ number and a new email address, so I decided to put out another release to keep this information up to date.

I also included some information regarding the demise of Looking Glass Studios. I didn't want to simply move to the next logical handle (taffer2), and changing to something like "garrett" or "taffer-garrett" seemed somehow inappropriate.

For the story, go to: The Looking Glass", the friends of taffers everywhere, has a petition online to try to get one of Looking Glass Studios' nearly-finished projects finished.

"Jane's Attack Squadron" has had about 2-and-a-half years work put into it and is nearly finished.

:( Section 2: Updates Since Last Release ===================================== 15.2 -- Included new email address and ICQ number, and information on Looking Glass Studios. Section 3: Opening Notes Regarding This FAQ =========================================== This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough.

All input is appreciated, especially regarding what you liked, and how I can improve it.

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I would like to do the same myself, with a few quotations from sources close to my heart, which I feel aptly describe both the company that gave us these wonderful games, and how we feel about both the company and their games.

He spends episode after episode trying to either escape, or to find the person in charge of things.

The main character was only referred to as "Number Six".

My new email address is [email protected] my new ICQ number is 82595656. Well, first of all, underscores are not allowed on my server (can you believe that? I finally decided on "taffer-six" as a sort of homage to a great television show from the late sixties called "The Prisoner", starring Patrick Mc Goohan.

A man who once worked as a spy of some sort is kidnapped by forces unknown and then placed in a surreal community, called simply "The Village".Another quotation, this one from the final episode of the longest-running science-fiction television series of all time, and one of my favourites as well, Doctor Who. Somewhere there's danger...somewhere there's injustice..somewhere else the tea's getting cold! " A fitting description, I think...worlds filled with wonder, yet dangerous, and with a touch of whimsy to take the edge of when needed. Finally, the last quotation, which I think really says it all.

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