Updating wordpress with subversion

19-Sep-2017 07:49

When updating a Word Press plugin, the new version always gets saved in the “trunk” folder, overwriting previous versions, and then a “tag” is created in a folder of its own, and this tag folder is used by Word Press to create the downloadable zip file in the repository. Open svn X’s Working Copies window and you’ll see your plugin name and local location, like the screenshot below.Double-click your plugin and a detail window will open showing the changes you have made, something like this: Modified files show an ‘M’ on the left. ’ and you will need to select them and click ‘Add’ before you can commit. ’ and you will need to select them and click ‘Remove’ before you can commit.Having recently switched my development platform from Windows to Mac, and being a published Word Press plugin author, I needed to find a Mac-based replacement for the excellent Windows-based Tortoise SVN in order to update my plugins on the Word Press plugin repository.There are many ways to get set up with SVN on a Mac, some free, some not.Work on the plugin just as you would any local development project, by using Finder to select source files, your favourite text editor to edit them and a selection of browsers for testing.Don’t forget to update the version number information in the plugin’s main PHP file and readme file before you consider the plugin ready for release.In the location selector that drops down, select the plugins folder of your Word Press test installation and click the “Checkout” button.

Note: I use OSX 10.8.2 Mountain Lion on a Mac Book Pro.In the first field, enter the plugin name, and then populate the remaining fields with the information I mentioned above.

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